I’m surrounded by many people but very few in my inner circle. One of those people who don’t talk much when things aint going well, rather I’ll recline into my shell which is not the best way out. I learnt to express my self better by writing. I love to write, it’s a way I let out the voice within.

I’m an objective person, not taken by popular opinion , you can refer to me as un-conventional, with an endearing smile that gave birth to the name “ISMAILA“. I usually take the opposite road to the one the crowd is taking and I can say it has shaped a better part of me.  I make out stories with a bit of humour from every day living. This blog is all about lifestyle and reflections on the decisions we make as it affects us.

I don’t have  answers to all of life’s questions. I’m still far from perfect, I make mistakes, stumble, but with each step and decision I make, I get refined.  I don’t know how long I’ll be on earth, I may never get to see you physically but I hope every visit leaves you better as it stirs up the desire in you to leave a lasting legacy when you’re gone.

Life is what you make out of it. So laugh when you have to, scream if you feel like, lend a helping hand and a smile to someone down the road. Let the love God has placed in your heart flow out to anyone you come in contact with.

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